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We offer restored 8 lug sets, either factory appearance, or modified to your color preferences. As of the present inventory available, we have right hand and left hand threaded drums, along with several years of wheels, some hubcaps and trim rings, some NOS lug nuts, wheel and tire balancing plates, spare tire hold down plates and original factory spare tire cover plates.

Since some suppliers are already downstream, we can provide a source for reproduction hubcaps and trim rings. Our sets can come complete with them, but we usually offer them minus the hubcaps and trim rings so you can choose the year you want and purchase them directly from the same source as we do and then you save on the shipping.

All completed sets are shipped in new boxes with plastic wrapped wheels and drums, held-in bearing and grease seal sets, Styrofoam packing sheets on all sides and top and bottom, and plastic peanuts as a surround. They will get to you in the same condition as they left here.

Update! New for all our customers!!!  Now Available are Original Hubcaps for All Years the 8 Lugs Were Produced, including the hard to find, non-reproduced 1963-1964 Sets! These come in various restored conditions from driver quality to restored (and some NOS), and are described in return emails or by phone when inquiries are made.

Now Available, Complete tapered roller bearing conversion kits for the 1960-1962 8 Lug Short Fin Drums! These were very difficult to source, and now available to you directly from our location is a complete set. This Set includes inner bearings, outer bearings, and seals for both front drums.  $245 

Call to Order - (310) 832-8336 Chief8Lug.com is a Division of AAC.

The Chief8Lug Neon Clock!

Here is truly a one-of-a-kind item for Pontiac owners, an authentic Pontiac 8 lug drum, restored and converted to a neon clock. A quality restoration with a 6 ¼ inch diameter Quartz clock movement that is battery operated, glass clock lens, brass bezel, complete with wall mounting bracket, and low-voltage transformer for the neon, ready to hang up and plug in. The red neon ring inside the drum backlights the numbers in the clock, or you can leave the neon switched off.

For wall hanging there is an angled stud put in the inside of the drum that goes in the top slot of the wall bracket, and this consequently centers the drum and holds it tight to the wall.

The fins on this 8 lug drum have been polished, and new lug nuts are included on the studs. The drum has been bead-blasted, and repainted in the correct color for 1964 Pontiacs and up.

These 8 lug drums were produced by Pontiac from 1960 to 1968, and we restore show quality sets for your special Pontiac. Call us at 310-832-8336 for information on restored sets of 8 lugs, both short fin and long fin, factory 8 lug accessories, and lots of 8 lug items.

Often, from the drums we buy, there are those that are damaged or can’t be turned within limits, and these are machined into clocks. This serves two purposes as only drums that need to be retired are used, and you get an authentic historic Pontiac option made into a clock which will light up your den, shop, store or game room for years to come.

If you have a Pontiac with 8 lug wheels and drums, can you picture this clock on your wall ? We have a 1961 Pontiac Ventura bubbletop with 8 lugs, and we have our clock nearby that we get to enjoy everyday.

$245.00 Plus Shipping

Chief 8 Lug's Pretty Good Polish!

Try our Newest Product!
Chief 8 Lug's Pretty Good Polish
It Polishes: Aluminum, brass, chrome, copper, gold, pewter, silver, and stainless steel.

Get a free bottle with each set of 8 Lugs you purchase or send in for restoration!
Or buy one from us for $9.50 plus shipping

8 Lug Wheel Balancing Mounting Plate

This is a brand new CNC machined Balancing Plate, requiredfor balancing 8 lug rims and tires, since the 8 lug rims have no center formounting on the tire balancing machines. CNC machined out of 3/8 inch aluminumplate, then anodized for a corrosion free long life, complete with four taperedhead wheel lugs to mount your 8 lug wheels. Several customers have let us knowthese really work well. Shown below, with more photos available in our photogalleries. 

Price - Call for Pricing and availability!

Original Pontiac 8 Lug Spare Tire Hold Down Cover

This is an ORIGINAL Pontiac8 lug spare tire hold down cover. Needed to complete your show car. Not allthat we find are in the this great condition. One available now, and othersfrom time to time. These have not been reproduced. 

Price - $ 250 plus modest shipping cost.

Original and Reproduction Pontiac 8 Lug Spare Tire Hold Down Plate

This is the spare tire hold down plate that was availablefrom Pontiac for the 8 Lugs sparetire. These actually fit inside the 8 Lug rim and hold the spare tire down byfitting between the lugs on the spare tire rim. 

Original - $ 75 plus modest shipping cost.
Reproduction - $ 45 plus modest shipping cost.

Polished Metal High Performance Valve Stems

Polished Metal High Performance Valve Stems. These are allmetal valve stems, not a rubber valve stem with a metal sheath. The advantageof these valve stems is not only the look, but the strength to help withstand aturning trim ring that could break the rubber valve stem and leave you with aflat tire somewhere on the road.These look great on the 8 lugs (and are includedin all our restored sets of wheels and drums).

Price - $ 6 each plus modest shipping cost.

8 Lug Fin Safeguard Protectors - Our exclusive new item on the market.

These are a brand new and much needed product we are now making. The fins on the 8 lug drums are aluminum, and can be scratched, nicked, or dented very easily by manhandling the wheels and tires. These Safeguard Protectors finally provide a protective cover to guard the fins from damage during wheel installation. Put them on, then when the wheel and tire are finally installed, remove the Safeguard Protectors easily for storage. Made of thick rubber to ward of the blows, and made to fit to the thickness of the fins for perfect gripping and protection.

See our video - its impressive. 

Why risk damage on your 8 lug fins when they are the most important visual part of the 8 lugs. These Safeguard Protectors come die-cut with different angles at both ends to fit the angles of the drums and wheel as installed, and these are easily installed and removed. This is really cheap insurance for you and your treasured 8 lugs. Don't worry now about the tire shop putting nicks and dings in the fins any more. Sold as a  set of 20, more than enough to install one drum at a time. 

Price - Call for Pricing and availability!

8 Lug Spindle Washers

Replace those lost or damaged spindle washers with these brand new ones. Will fit 1963-1968 Pontiac 8 Lugs. 

Price - $ 3 each

8 Lug Dust Caps (front spindle dust covers that protect the outer wheel bearings)

These are brand new dust caps/covers that will replace your old or damaged ones perfectly on the front 8 lug drums. They come with "O" rings to separate the cap slightly from the drum surface, so nicks and dents to that surface are eliminated when careful removal is practiced. 
Sold individually - a set consisting of one cap and one "O" ring. 

Price - Call for Pricing and availability!

Original Used 8 Lug Dust Caps (front spindle dust covers to protect the outer wheel bearing)

Want the original Pontiac squared-off looking dust caps that were used on the original 8 Lugs ? Well, here they are in all their beat-up beauty. We can't spend the time removing the dents, so enjoy the next Saturday evening in the garage with your hammer. 

Price - $ 8 each

Original Pontiac Used Spindle Nuts

If you are missing one, or need a replacement spindle nut for the Pontiac 8 Lug Front Hubs, we have original ones that have been degreased and cleaned. 

Price - $ 4 each

Original Used Spindle Washers

These are original used Spindle Washers that came off the 8Lugs.  

Price - $ 4 each

NOS Original GM 8 Lug Nuts

Available in limited quantity are some NOS Lug Nuts for the Pontiac 8 Lugs. Email or call for current quantity and price.

New RH Threaded Offset Wheel Studs for the 8 Lug Drums

Available now are new Right Hand threaded wheel studs for Pontiac 8 lug drums.These are unique from other studs because of their offset head. They are also stamped "R" for RH thread on the ends like the originals.
Fit 1960-1968 Pontiac 8 Lug Drums  

Price - $ 4.50 each plus modest shipping cost.

Original Left Hand Threaded Wheel Studs for Pontiac 8 Lug Drums 

These are used, offset head, thread-chased clean Left Hand threaded wheel studs for the 1960-1963 Pontiac 8 Lug drums. If you're going for originality, or to replace one or more left handers that are stripped because of removal attempts thinking they were "Right Handed" threaded studs, then these are what you need. Factory stamped "L" on the top (for Left Hand thread). 

Price - $ 8 each

Original Pontiac 8 Lug Hubcaps

These are great looking originals (and there are four different styles depending on which year your 8 lugs are).  

1960-1962 Hubcaps Originals - We normally have all years in stock. Priced by condition, but less than reproductions - please email or call. 

NOTE - 1963-1964 cone style 8 lug hubcaps are not reproduced, but we have some originals in stock. Please email or call for individual, or set pricing and condition.  

Reproduction - 1960-1962 Set of four.            
Price - $205 Plus modest shipping cost.  

Reproduction - 1965-1968 Set of four.            
Price - $225 Plus modest shipping cost.

1960-1962 Hubcaps

1963 Hubcaps

1964 Hubcaps

1965-1968 Hubcaps

Trim Rings

Trim rings - originals are usually scarfed up with road rash, dents, scratches, and pry marks. We believe this arena is best handled with reproductions. 

1960-1962 narrow trim rings - Reproduction - $ 125 set of four. 

1963-1968 wide trim rings - Reproduction - $ 275 set of four. 

All plus modest shipping cost.

Original Lug Nuts

We have a lot of used original 8 lug lug nuts, acorn style (1960-1962 LH & RH threaded), and crown style (1963-1968), that are in need of re-plating.  

Acorn style Pontiac originals , 1960-1962 LH or RH thread -
Price - $ 3.50 each 

Crown style Pontiac originals - 1963-1968 RH or LH thread -
Price - $ 2.50 each


Wheels - We have all years, some are more rare than others, price includes removing surface nicks and small rim dents, soft sand blasting, and powder painting either silver-grey (original for 1960-1963) or black (original for 1964-1968).  

Priced EACH - 

Price - Call for Pricing and availability!

1961-1966 Pontiac 8 Lug Wheels with Normal Tangs

1967 - 1968 Pontiac 8 Lug Wheels with Notched Band

Items We Buy!

Listed Below are Items we are always Interested in Buying. Please call or email with your prices. Large lots, or one or two pieces are all ok here.    

1960-1968 Drums Within Turning Tolerance, Front or Rear, no missing fins or deep gashes, no chunks missing on the flanges, broken studs ok, missing bearings ok.  

1960-1968 Wheels, low or no rust levels, low or no curb rash, no missing lugs, no repairs or welds.  

1963-1964 Coned Hubcaps, no rips, tears, or major dents.  

Special Purchase Needs Announcement - If you have way out of tolerance front or rear drums that cannot be turned, broken flange drums, corroded drums, drums with cracked cast iron liners, broken cast iron liners, or drums with missing studs and damaged stud holes, we have a project for these scrap-quality drums. Let us know what quantity (one and up is ok) you have and we will make a deal.