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Welcome To Chief 8 Lug, Your Home for Pontiac 8 Lug Restoration!

Update! -Thursday May 1st, 2014. 

We have two New Sections on our site. Visit our
8 Lug Sets for Sale Page to see complete sets that are ready to ship out,  and  don't forget to visit our page dedicated to Cars we are selling.

1960-1968 Completely Restored and Relined set of 8 Lug wheels and drums.
Comes with everything you need to install now! Show Quality!!
Call for info - (310)832-8336

New Products and Photo Gallery!!!

Now Available, Complete tapered roller bearing conversion kits for the 1960-1962 8 Lug Short Fin Drums! Available for purchase in our Accessories section!

Check out our latest Photo Gallery - Silver-Grey Drums 

Take a look at Our custom made Pontiac 8 Lug Neon Clock!

Now available in our Accessories Section.

Hello to the Pontiac 8 Lug fans, devotees, owners, gearheads, hounds, buffs, and other collectors. We are a small company that likes old cars. This is the place where drums and wheels are restored that were just left to die on wrecked cars, on garage shelves, or out in the elements in someone’s back yard. We care, and we are protecting the past because it’s our past – America and our cars. Saturday nights, drag strips, cruisin’, drive-ins, and our garages.  Ours is a nation of garages and it’s important to us.

So, we are here to provide restoration services, parts, and complete sets of original Pontiac factory 8 lug restored drums and wheels, 1960 to 1968 models. These 8 lugs are still the least expensive item that will make your Pontiac come alive with wheel appeal of the 60’s that no other car had.

Put them on your car as factory correct (with wheel and drum colors, lug nut type, hubcaps and trim rings done to specs) or mix and match with the years of your choice as we have done on our Pontiac. They look great any way you do it.

Any big car Pontiac will gain in owner pride, intriguing looks, show points, and resale value with the 8 lugs. This is the one visible item on your car that will yield the biggest return for the dollar, and with the least amount of work and time expense. Drums and wheels can be changed over in a day if your tires are mounted on the rims ahead of time.

Take a cruise through our web site and see the pictures of the “before and after”, finished sets, and how they look on the car with our videos.

The 8 lugs need to come back to Pontiac, and they can.

-Wednesday August 14th, 2009